And I’ve started the fast. I worked into the morning last night making juice from navel oranges and gala apples. Altogether, nearly 10 pounds of fruit yielded approximately 72 ounces of juice. I was expecting more than that, but I was wrong. Hence I’m educating my guesses.

I also thought this would be easy, that I wouldn’t want a breakfast sandwich, that I wouldn’t miss cream and sugar in my coffee (I maintain that coffee is hot bean juice and therefore counts.), I thought that I wouldn’t be hungry, but I was wrong. Hence I am educating my guesses.

As it turns out, gala apples are big on taste — as well as pulp — and little on juice. If it is possible for an apple to be arid, the gala succeeds. And the oranges! Evidently I got what I paid for. My 8 pound bag of bulk oranges yielded around 40 percent fruit and 60 percent peel. Sometimes, oranges, it doesn’t pay to have a thick skin.

So I’ve learned: this is going to be really hard; it is going to be really worth it; galas are for flavor, not for making apple juice; don’t be a cheapskate on the oranges. It’s best to get the more expensive fruit.

I hate the phrase “making an educated guess”, but “educating my guesses” is an apt turn of phrase; as I drink my coffee-bean juice in my office, I realize I’ve got a lot of mind to keep over a lot of matter. More anon.

PS. A friend of mine gave me a sack of chocolate for Christmas. It’s in my office. Chocolate is not juice, nor is it a smoothie. Try telling chocolate that.